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Experience the Pain Relieving Benefits of a Hot Tub!

Humans have recognized the therapeutic value of bathing in heated water for literally thousands of years, from the ancient Greeks to Cleopatra-era Egyptians. With the back pain epidemic in the U.S. costing Americans billions and leading to more missed work days than anything else, hot tubs don’t just offer relief from pain, they can save us money.

Can A Hot Tub Really Help Relieve Back Pain?

Here are five ways hot tubs can relieve suffering, save money and add convenience to your life:

  1. Limber Up Muscles

When muscles tighten from spasm or overuse, they become shorter and less flexible. This inhibits range of motion and makes activities of daily living, like tying shoes, more difficult. The massage of hot tub jets combined with the heat of the water help muscles in the back relax. The soft-tissue massage releases lactic acid and the hot water speeds nourishing blood to affected areas.

Add to that the value of buoyancy in water. Because we’re lighter in water than in air—that’s why we float!—the downward pressure of gravity on our back is eased in a hot tub. That allows the spine to stretch, relieving pressure on the disks and providing relief from pain.

  1. Full Body Effects

The jets in a spa are positioned a little differently at each seat so that different parts of the body are the focus as you make your way around the spa. Why is that helpful to the back? Because our body systems don’t live in a bubble; they are all interconnected. Tightness in, say, the calves, can cause tightness in the lower back. So massaging just one part of the body—even if it’s the area presenting pain—might not address the underlying issue that’s causing the pain. A hot tub provides the heat, buoyancy and massage all over the body.

  1. It Improves Other Therapies

A wellness specialist at Hanson HotSpring® Spas in Colorado Springs, helped an elderly woman with degenerative arthritis purchase a spa that fit her needs. She walked gingerly and needed assistance climbing the steps into the hot tub. When he returned three months later to deliver supplies, she was climbing the steps herself and moving about without pain. The hot tub made her physical therapy sessions more productive, she said, because she began them with less pain and more range of motion.

  1. The Money Savings

How can a hot tub save money when it costs thousands of dollars? Think about how much you spend on chiropractors, physical therapists and other treatments for your back pain in one year. It doesn’t take many sessions for that to add up to the entire cost of the hot tub. Investing that money in a hot tub will pay dividends for years.

  1. The Convenience Means Less Pain and Suffering

You don’t have to call your hot tub and make an appointment. The hot tub doesn’t have to squeeze you in on Thursday at 3:00 pm. Your hot tub doesn’t go on vacation during the holidays, and you don’t have to drive across town or take time off from work to get relief. With a hot tub in your home, you can use it at your convenience with no waiting. Using it every day can provide ongoing relief from back pain, something you might not get from frequent medical interventions.

It’s important to note that hot tubs can’t replace medical interventions like chiropractic and physical therapy, but they can reduce the amount of medical attention necessary and reduce the amount of pain you endure in between those sessions.

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