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Since 1978, Hanson HotSpring® Spa, hot tubs, and hot tub accessories have provided relaxation, various health benefits, and enhanced the quality of life of families all over Colorado Springs. Hot Spring Spas makes an unparalleled product (and with models like the new High Life spa, they’re constantly raising the bar for excellence) and one we love being a dealer of. However, we all know that life happens.

Fortunately WHEN life happens, Hanson HotSpring® Spa is prepared.

Hanson HotSpring® Spas, Colorado Springs

For nearly 40 years, we’ve prided ourselves on our personalized service at all stages of your buying process, whether you’re looking for a new hot tub, used hot tub, or hot tub repair services in Colorado Springs.

Our well-trained staff strives to educate you and provide our information in a “no pressure, no hassle” environment.

We’ve even won the prestigious HotSpring Spas “Dealer of the Year” award multiple times.

Get Expert Hot Tub & Spa Repairs "Near Me" in Colorado Springs


When it comes to hot tubs & spas, leaks can occur just about everywhere. Generally, they spring from a crack in the tub, in the pipes, or at the pump. Losing water can be costly and frustrating. If you find yourself needing to always add more water to your tub, you most likely have a small crack somewhere. Our trained hot tub technicians can spot leaks from a mile away and fix them for good thanks to our knowledge and modern equipment. If you think you have a leak or other issue, please call the hot tub repair experts today!


Are you noticing an issue with the water levels in your hot tub or spa? If so, a plumbing issue is the most likely cause – The pipes bring clean water from within your home to the hot tub to keep it replenished and circulating. The pipes are connected to hoses, valves, unions, manifolds and other pieces of equipment. There are many parts involved with the inner workings of a hot tub, but rest assured our trained technicians can fix any issue you may be experiencing.


Are you having difficulty turning on the jets, lights, or heat? This is usually a sign that there is something wrong with the controller or electronics in your spa. Electric failures are usually result from loose wires, a blown fuse or something bigger. If you notice an issue with your hot tubs electronics, make sure to call a repair expert right away!


The motor or pump, helps circulate the water inside your hot tub or spa, and it crucial for water sanitation, filtration and heat flow. If your pump isn’t working or is making strange noises, it’s time for professional assistance from our repair team.


Without the theraputic massage water jets, a hot tub just isn’t the same. If your jetting is not working properly, make sure to give us a call right away, and we will have your hot tub performing optimally in no time!


Your hot tub and spa is only as good as the quality of the water inside of it. We have the expertise to install a water purification system that deodorizes the water with oxygen. Water purification helps eliminate any molds, bacteria, and or viruses that may be present in the water, and it gives the water more clarity, neutralizes pH levels, removes unwanted odors, and reduces any irritation.


We highly recommend getting an annual inspection to keep your hot tub, spa or sauna running in perfect condition. As part of our tune-ups, we clean the tub and filter (remove clogs if necessary), ensure pH balance, check all motors, heaters, pumps and electrical components, and will inform & replace any worn out parts if needed.


  • Hot Tub Relocation & Set Up
  • Hot Tub Cleaning & pH adjustment
  • Hot Tub Filter cleaning & replacement
  • Water Chemical kits
  • Spa pillow replacements
  • Hot Tub Cover replacements
  • Controller upgrades
  • Hot Tub & Sauna part replacements

Why Choose Hanson HotSpring® Spas® for Hot Tub Repair?

We have expert factory-trained & certified hot tub technicians and our unmatched level of customer service.

We strive for excellence in all areas, including our hot tub repair services, and have some of the best technicians in the Pike’s Peak area to serve you.

Expert Spa & Sauna Repair Service

Hanson HotSpring® Spas has expert factory-trained technicians with parts on-hand to service your HighLifeLimelight, or HotSpot spa in a quick and professional manner. We are proud of the reputation of our hot tub repair services, and that you can trust us to be there in any situation.

Monthly Hot Tub Maintenance Service

Due to our monthly maintenance service, repairs are fewer and further between, saving you even more money. We also take care of many services, giving you peace of mind about your hot tubsauna room, or spa. Monthly maintenance service is just one of the ways we strive to go above and beyond for you.