Hanson HotSpring® Spas, Colorado Springs

Owning A Hot Tub Will Improve You & Your Family’s Quality of Life


A day at the spa is relaxing and valuable.  Simply soaking in a hot tub provides proven health benefits

“Bringing that hot tub home is all the better,” says the owner of Hanson Hanson HotSpring® Spas in Colorado Springs.  “A home spa expands the rewards of the hot tub experience – building relationships, improving health and wellness, providing staycation opportunities, increasing the living space of your home and giving you control over your relaxation environment.”

Do You Want To Own A Hot Tub?


  1. More Quality Family Time

Do you wish your teens would stay closer to home?  Install a tub.

“One of the things we hear from a lot of our customers is that owning a hot tub keeps their kids in their own backyard,” the owner says. “Their friends come over to enjoy the tub and then they all stay. The parents end up knowing where their children are, what they’re doing, and who they’re hanging with.”

They might even talk to you, as well.

“It bonds families,” he says. “When parents get in the hot tub with their kids, they have more in-depth conversations as opposed to everyone sitting around the dining room table and looking at their phones. It’s a great place to disconnect, go offline and really have uninterrupted time with loved ones.”  Couples who have hot tub dates experience focused and relaxed time to connect.

  1. Improve Your Overall Health and Wellness

“Water,” the owner says, “can have unique physiological effects, enabling deeper more restful sleep, reducing blood pressure, improving circulation and reducing recovery time from exercise.”

Another great advantage of a hot tub in your backyard is taking a soak before a strenuous workout. The warm, soothing waters prepares your body for exercise. “It prevents a lot of injuries by getting your muscles really relaxed, loosened up and ready to do strenuous activity. It’s basically a warm up,” he says.

  1. Escape, Unwind, & Relax

Warm water immersion provides a relaxing way to unwind, reduce anxieties and cope more effectively with the challenges of daily life.  You can have a staycation at your home every day.  Even people with the busiest schedules can find time to step into their home hot tub.  With the ever-common buildup of stress and unrelenting schedules, an easy opportunity for a brief respite can greatly improve productivity and positivity. “It’s a great place to de-stress from the everyday hustle and bustle,” the owner adds.

  1. Expansion of Living Space

The installation of a hot tub turns your backyard into an escape and oasis. It can bridge the space between outside and in, essentially creating a larger footprint for your home.  Outdoor space that might have been used seasonally now becomes an all-year functional and favorite space. “It’s a great investment to your outdoor living space, and of course your health and wellbeing.”

  1. Improved Personal Space In Your Own Home

Owning a hot tub means not having to go beyond your yard for a soak. No need to drive to a club or fight for space in a public hot tub.

“When you go to a club, a gym, or the spa, you don’t know if there’s going to be six people already sitting in the tub. You might not want to jump in there with people you don’t know.  You might also worry about the hygiene of previous users, the frequency of the upkeep, and what chemicals are used in the water,” the owner says. “With your own tub, there’s the peace of mind of not having to worry about other people being there or not having to drive across town. The best part, when you get out your spa, you are only a few steps away from the comfort of your own home.”

At public hot tub facilities, the chemical levels and types are often pretty severe in order to maintain sanitation required by the Health Department.  With your own tub, you have the control.  You can choose a tub that minimizes harsh chemicals and maintain it to your preferred levels.

Enjoy the natural feeling of a Hanson HotSpring® Spas that offers their signature Freshwater sanitizing system as well as the ability to upgrade to the patented, fully integrated ACE Salt Water system that mimics natural mineral springs. With a Hanson HotSpring® Spas there is no need for the large doses of Chlorine or Bromine. Stop in at 1835 Dublin Blvd., in Colorado Springs or contact them at (719) 593-7727, or visit